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Easy Sourdough Starter and Bread- Part 1

Easy Sourdough Starter for smaller families


Usually the sourdough recipes I see are huge and make enough starter to make bread for an army.  So I’ve revised a Nourishing Traditions recipe to make smaller amounts, with a few tweaks to ensure ease and success along the way.


a bag of light or dark rye flour, the fresher the better.

clean water (if you have chlorinated tap water let it sit out for 24 hrs before using it to prepare your starter, or just buy natural spring water)


seriously, that’s it.

in a metal or glass bowl

1/2 c. rye flour

1/2 c. water



do this every day for 7 days


add another 1/2 c. rye flour and another 1/2 c. water and stir

If at anytime your mixture gets more thick than soupy and runny, add a bit more water.

This activates natural yeasts that are present on every plant, fruit and in the air.  Rye flour has the least amount of some scientific thingy that I can’t spell so it’s better for the yeasts.

Use a new bowl as often as every day, but I don’t bother, I just use a new bowl every week and scrape down the sides with a spatula every day.


In this picture of my starter you can see the bubbles forming as the natural yeasts are activated.



Going away for a bit?  No problem.  Just put your starter in sealed jars in the refrigerator and resume feeding it and baking with it when you come home as usual.


Stay tuned for many recipes that use this sourdough starter.