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How can one day have so many good things?

How can one day have so many good things?

And most days, really. Each day is filled with soul filling spectacles and moments. Emotional exhausting moments, worry, wonder, delight…. Being a Human is amazing.


Dolly, wondering where her treats are and why this black box keeps clicking at her.



The newest baby goat at this point, and the prettiest.   Blue eyes and silver coat with perfect markings.

the bench painting

And my new painting has come home, painted by my friend Mich at MishMashArt.etsy.com




Loving the Morning Light









Animal Drama

It’s been a week and a half of highs and lows here on the little holding we live on. Lots of animal drama.

One cat, Georgie, ingested a feather shepherds hook earring (I’m 99% certain as I found evidence, CSI here I come), didn’t eat or drink or move for two days, then suddenly went outside and came back in happy and normal as ever.

Another cat, Sparrow, hurt his paw somehow, I have no idea what happened as he wouldn’t let me get near it and was dragging around his back leg like a sack full of dead mice. I made him stay in for 3 or so days and then there was no keeping him in, he was causing all kinds of trouble.

Then one of our hens died.


Then one of the young goats got sick, is sick still. Of course with animals you never really know exactly what’s wrong, but in this case my hypothesis is that before we chased him out from around the pond (it’s fenced but easily broken into) is that he chowed down like a pig on the super thick sharp reed grass all around the pond. He’s started to eat finally today again (2 days later) after much massaging of belly, offering water and treats, drenching him with olive oil and baking soda (forcing him to drink it), and pettings and worryings and prayers. Really hope the little guy pulls through.

Then of course a stray dog too.

Even though I know these are not “big” problems, comparatively to many other problems I could have, my stress and worry has drawn me closer to God, he hears and answers the hurts and worry in my heart. He sees my mind picturing and hears me asking for a good outcome.


Some recipes are gross. Sometimes I think we need less recipes and more real food.

Recipes are great! I love recipes… but I sort of feel like recipes are for special times.

The rest of the time I think we should just eat whatever we can gather to throw in the pot and stew/soup up. to nourish ourselves. not to necessarily satisify our taste buds that are used to msg, crazy chemical addictive compounds and other super sonic taste sensations. Our taste buds/bodies are in the same boat as the adhd crowd. too much and too much. We don’t know what’s good for us. there’s too many distractions.

I’m all for making things “better” but if “better” includes not being able to recognize real very lightly and home processed food if it bit me in the fat butt? no thanks…. for the most part.

industrialization created a lot of things for good reasons,  including food that would last for centuries…. but then, they had so much, they had to market it too… so they started making recipes, recipes, recipes…. recipe cards, recipe commercials, recipes that require weird ingredients…. and… unfortunately, recipes that require certain brand names of products.  Recipes that helped you use that cheap “food” that everyone else was raving about.  Recipes that make everything taste like you live on Olympus with everything made of nectar of the gods.

Maybe in the beginning eagle brand milk, velveeta, kraft and hormel had a purpose. “preserve the food so it can be sent over to our soldiers, so it won’t go bad, so nothing goes to waste” i’m not questioning the beginnings of the company or the great things that they have sponsored, if they’ve sponsored anything.

My point is, they made a crap load of this stuff, and didn’t know how to off load it, so they marketed this non-food…. they marketed brilliantly… to the point where we don’t even know what recipes to use without them, because the recipes we rely on are “THE BEST” as long as we use their product. … taste buds everywhere respond.

Now, we’re having a resurgence of more natural foods… but the recipes abound! trying to make our normal food taste as good as our mutant food… let me ask you this….

IF YOU COULD FLY!! would anything else compare? What if flying gave you cancer? diabetes? or other health issues? would you still fly? no? but you would try to make not flying feel like flying.

you would want walking and driving and being in an airplane to feel like flying. but it’s bad for you.

Did you ever hear of cold turkey?

quit cold turkey. u don’t need their chemical compounds, you don’t. real food tastes awesome with a very small tad of natural seasonings.

You don’t need the crazy pseudo non flavours that are the norm with today’s bags of chips. they are not REAL flavours. Eat some BBQ! taste the difference?

Food is good.  Food Tastes good.  Try it.   real food, without salt without anything, just eat  something unadulterated.   we don’t need all these…

… back to recipes…. I find today’s recipes to be getting more and more complicated and I think it’s because of the fake flavours that have become the norm. What if we did away with recipes for a while? We could make some for special occasions… like Basteeya or Fellafel, or Oliebollen or for the western world hamburgers, sweet potato pie with marshmallows and green bean casserole (comment here or google the ingredients I WILL give you the recipe) or some of these other taste sensations that are SPECIAL! it’s not special if you have it every day, and I think this having to have a special recipe every day is destroying our appreciation of what is special… good, healthy, real food, with our families…and you may find, in the end, on your special family days that… no chemicals need apply.

Drama Drama Drama, but no Llama… yet.

The ongoing saga of the ducks!

So Early this year we lost our chickens from a neighbour dog attack. The neighbours paid for us to renew our flock and I decided I wanted ducks as well as chickens with the money we got. I bought a breeding pair from another neighbour and 3 to eat, and drove to Nelson (about 2 hrs away) to get 6 more ducks, two females and 4 males from a different breeding stock, but the same breed, Muscovy.



Out of the 6 we got from Nelson, all but two got killed by a bobcat and one of the remaining two died of… something, don’t know exactly what.   Just fell over dead one day.   The last one was a female, but boy, compared to the 2 that remained from the other batch, she was so timid, unhealthy looking and not strong.   She seemed happy enough by herself, swimming around and the male left her alone so I thought maybe she’ll just get healthy and strong and then start laying eggs or something.  No such luck.  I hadn’t seen her for a couple of days so I walked around the pond and there she was… just curled up dead.  She had either starved herself cause she didn’t want to make the 10 ft swim across to the bank to eat or something… who knows.


I had to leap in the pond, swim over to the island and fling her rotting carcass to the shore with the dog shadowing my every move and trying to roll in the dead duck carcass.   Fun and games.


Then last night our youngest cat, Georgie,  slipped outside and never came back.  She’s usually back by morning at the very latest, but usually within an hour she’s meowing at my bedroom window wanting to come in.  She doesn’t like being away from us for long.

This morning, no Georgie.  hmmm.

Then Kate comes out of her room in tears and bunched up in pain 😦  we had to take her to emerg when she threw up some streaks of blood.  yikes.  Of course, like always, people start feeling better on the way to the Hospital.   Anyway, the Dr. gave her a Gravol and reassured us that it was probably just a tummy bug of some sort.   We were there for 3 hours.

Come home, still no Georgie.   I called all over the property making she she wasn’t stuck anywhere or having a deep sleep.  I went up to the neighbours to see if she got trapped in any of their buildings or if they had seen her.   I went down to the other neighbours and no go there either.   I went across the road to another neighbours and hear “MEOW” MEW” “MAOOOWWWLLL” from waaaaaaayyyyy up high in a huge pine tree.  My guess is she got chased up by the dog and spent the night there.  The guy helped me get her down and she was panting and hot and when we got her home she drank water for about 5 min.



Kate is sleeping and feeling okay.   I think I will pick her up some Gatorade while I’m in town having a birthday lunch with the girls.


Sigh!  At least the day doesn’t seem to be continuing in this weird disjointed fashion.



Life in Pictures

In case anyone who follows this blog is interested, here’s my instagram site:  http://instagram.com/42things

All I Want for Christmas is this Land – Pt. 1

So I’m not sure how much I want to write here, it’s been a long long journey since May when we decided to move out here to Canyon… Maybe I should make this a miniseries.


Many times over the years we have enjoyed visiting the Creston Area and our great friends that live here and many times we have said “yeah, we should move here”  in that, it-was-a-great-holiday-we-love-it-here kind of way.   Not completely tongue in cheek but not completely serious either.   But we almost always wept when we left.   Somehow it always fed our souls to visit here.


May Long Weekend 2012

about 2 days into our vacation, Jeremy was plowing up a garden plot for our friends and I was lounging in a chair unknowingly getting a sunburn and drinking some lovely ale.

He walked over to me, and I looked at him and he said

“We’re moving”

I said “I know”


and for the first time we knew that this was something that was a reality, not just a theory. 


June Long Weekend 2012

There was this property that I had heard talk about that I had never seen but in the weeks leading up to this June visit I had started dreaming about and getting a strong feeling that we needed to go see it.

Well we went to see it, and I cried walking up the driveway, with it’s little grass tufts in the center and the rambleshack buildings all around.  I felt really HOME.   I had not felt that way about a place for a really long time.   At this time we were not ready to make an offer on it and contented ourselves with renting a place close to it that just “happened” to be ready for us.

So many little things aligned for our move in July.  Boxes, Trailers, people to help, Jeremy had already booked that time off way before and just… so many little things kept showing us the way.   I have never felt so at peace about such a huge change in my life.   God kept prompting us forward with little signs and gifts.  We didn’t ask for them, He just is good.

Summer was amazing, the rental was perfect for transition and for summer… it had a covered deck, a huge extra room for my office, and friends within a 2 min. walk. 


Up Next —>  We are living in our “forever home” but not owning it yet. 


The red circle is where we lived for the summer.Image


Overheard while playing a game on the ipod

Daughter: I don’t understand what they want.

Son: well you need to enter your astronomical sign, what’s your astronomical sign?

Viva Magazine Feature

Viva magazine contacted me a couple months ago and asked to feature my bookmarks.

It’s a nationally circulated and online free publication available in pharmacies, dr. and dentist offices, hospitals and many other places.  Anyone, here in Canada, that I’ve mentioned it to had heard of it or seen it or read it.  So I’m really excited!

It comes out 6 times a year and I will be in the Eco Chic shopping section.

So my Canadian peeps, keep your eyes peeled for this publication coming out in just a few days!

I’m stocking up my bookmark inventory in my shops on Etsy and Artfire, too, so take advantage of the many fun designs 🙂

Awesome pics of a FUN party :)

Thanks Ranae for the great documentation of this great B-day party for Paula and Milo.

I’m only going to share the pics of my kids and myself though.

my beautiful daughter Kate.

My funny son and our friend Paula.


and me again.