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DIY Garden or Craft String Dispenser

If you are like me, you hate it when your twine or string jumps off it’s nice clean surface and finds the dirtiest corner to roll in when you are unraveling it in long lengths.  Or in the garden when you are tying up your vines it seems to always find the mud puddle to roll in.

So today I’m going to show you how I make my string dispensers that I can not dispense with or without *groan*

You will need:

A skein or ball of string or twine

A jar that your string fits into easily with a two part canning lid

mod podge or even white glue will work (not tacky glue)

a foam brush

a crop a dile big bite or other clean hole punching device (no burrs allowed)

a bit of fabric you love, a thin tip sharpie or other marker

a pair of fabric scissors

First trace the size of your canning lid insert onto the wrong side of your cloth and cut it out:

Generously coat your canning lid insert with your glue of choice:

And then place your circle of fabric over the canning lid insert and press it down with your gluey foam brush to get it all gluey and stuck.

The edges might be a bit of a challenge to get completely stuck down but, not to worry too much as the edges will be hidden by your canning jar ring in the end anyway.

let it dry for at least 30 minutes, and then punch your hole(s) in the fabric covered canning jar lid.  The key here is to not make your hole too much bigger than the string or it will always fall back down into the jar making it annoying to retrieve it every time.  For bakers twine I use a 1/8″ hole and for jute I use a 3/16″ hole.

String your thread through from the bottom of the canning jar insert

insert your string into the jar, place the insert on and tighten the ring… VOILA!

now you can get really creative!  use all kinds of different jar sizes and amounts of different string.  in one I have 4 different colors of twine wrapped around clothespins and 4 holes on the top … looks adorable, uses up the canning jar lid inserts you can’t reuse and is fun to make.

Thanks for reading!

If you would prefer to purchase instead of buying all the materials please contact me through either of my etsy shops noJOisaverage or 42things or through my Facebook Fanpage.


Addicted to making Tote Bags

I’ve made 4 since yesterday afternoon… I won’t show you the first one I made, lets just say, good concept, horrible embarrassing execution.


These are all made from upholstery samples and previously owned bed linens (better than used sheet, right?)


in order to make one of the panels large enough for this third one I had to piece it together…


turned out wonderful.


for those of you wondering, no, I have never had sewing lessons and I don’t know how to use patterns.  everything I’ve ever sewn has come out of my head.



two things

Happy Thanksgiving, Canada!



and super cute vintage pop bottle crate shelves.


Patriotic Canadian

I am one.

I am already looking forward to Canada Day and am making stuff for my online shops as well as the craft sale in April that reflect my Canadian Spirit.

Available on Artfire and Etsy.

Sunburnt Cow Handmade Shop

>making mini cards like a fiend!

>I’m getting ready for a show in April.  I better make more!  more!  more!