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Animal Drama

It’s been a week and a half of highs and lows here on the little holding we live on. Lots of animal drama.

One cat, Georgie, ingested a feather shepherds hook earring (I’m 99% certain as I found evidence, CSI here I come), didn’t eat or drink or move for two days, then suddenly went outside and came back in happy and normal as ever.

Another cat, Sparrow, hurt his paw somehow, I have no idea what happened as he wouldn’t let me get near it and was dragging around his back leg like a sack full of dead mice. I made him stay in for 3 or so days and then there was no keeping him in, he was causing all kinds of trouble.

Then one of our hens died.


Then one of the young goats got sick, is sick still. Of course with animals you never really know exactly what’s wrong, but in this case my hypothesis is that before we chased him out from around the pond (it’s fenced but easily broken into) is that he chowed down like a pig on the super thick sharp reed grass all around the pond. He’s started to eat finally today again (2 days later) after much massaging of belly, offering water and treats, drenching him with olive oil and baking soda (forcing him to drink it), and pettings and worryings and prayers. Really hope the little guy pulls through.

Then of course a stray dog too.

Even though I know these are not “big” problems, comparatively to many other problems I could have, my stress and worry has drawn me closer to God, he hears and answers the hurts and worry in my heart. He sees my mind picturing and hears me asking for a good outcome.


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