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All I Want for Christmas is this Property Pt. 2

As the summer was waning we realized, we had to move for the winter.   Our summer house had windows that didn’t close and even doors that would not latch properly and only electric heat.   We would have easily been paying $4 – $5 a month for the electricity to heat that place.   Hoping against hope we waited for something to happen in our financial realm as Charlie (the guy who owns the property we want) had stated before he would not rent to us.

One morning he came over and had a crushing blow.  Someone had made an offer on the property and pretty much had it in the bag as he had the money already in hand.   We were so confused.   That was a difficult morning.   We knew that we had not just come here on a whim, however it may look to the rest of the world, but that we were lead here.   So after a few hours of crushing incredulous meanderings of thoughts and words, we realized, God MUST have something for us or he would not have brought us here.   I don’t know why we fell in love with Charlie’s place or why it feels like home to us but we have to move on.

The next morning we had found a 10 acre parcel with a tiny house to rent, great out buildings and it looked like we could eke through the winter there.   We could have chickens, there was lots of space to do stuff outside.  My office would have to be outside in one of the outbuildings but, we’d make it work.   It seemed impossible to get a hold of the owner, and he was slow in getting back to us.  But we were in a time crunch because the longer we waited we would have to be paying rent in two places for two months due to the rental agreement on the summer house.   Finally a week later with many emails, phone calls, meetings and the like we signed a year lease for the new rental thinking that perhaps this was the plan.  To just rent here and eventually we would be ready to make an offer on something better or more expensive than Charlie’s.

Two hours after we signed the lease, Charlie drove up.

“The deal is off, the guy lost his job and I want you guys to rent from me until you are ready to purchase,”  he said.

I stood there in a daze wondering, what the heck is going on?

Obviously we figured things out and we now live up here and I hope I never have to leave.   I have so many dreams for this property.

Best scenario, someone drops $250K into our bank account, on our doorstop or in my mail box and we pay Charlie in cash.  Worst scenario, we can’t jump through the hoops for mortgages, bc laws regarding “mobile” homes (it’s as permanent of a structure as any house for the last 40 yrs) and we lose the place.   We know we can afford it, we know we can make the payments, but even if the bank agrees there are housing laws here that make it really really difficult to transfer titles because of the house (trailer).

Pray for me my friends.  This is sitting heavy on my heart.  I think of it every day and pray we don’t ever have to leave.   It’s hard to hold back on the things I want to do, I begin a thought, a dream and then remember, “right, it’s not mine yet”


I leave you with a couple pictures.



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