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All I Want for Christmas is this Land – Pt. 1

So I’m not sure how much I want to write here, it’s been a long long journey since May when we decided to move out here to Canyon… Maybe I should make this a miniseries.


Many times over the years we have enjoyed visiting the Creston Area and our great friends that live here and many times we have said “yeah, we should move here”  in that, it-was-a-great-holiday-we-love-it-here kind of way.   Not completely tongue in cheek but not completely serious either.   But we almost always wept when we left.   Somehow it always fed our souls to visit here.


May Long Weekend 2012

about 2 days into our vacation, Jeremy was plowing up a garden plot for our friends and I was lounging in a chair unknowingly getting a sunburn and drinking some lovely ale.

He walked over to me, and I looked at him and he said

“We’re moving”

I said “I know”


and for the first time we knew that this was something that was a reality, not just a theory. 


June Long Weekend 2012

There was this property that I had heard talk about that I had never seen but in the weeks leading up to this June visit I had started dreaming about and getting a strong feeling that we needed to go see it.

Well we went to see it, and I cried walking up the driveway, with it’s little grass tufts in the center and the rambleshack buildings all around.  I felt really HOME.   I had not felt that way about a place for a really long time.   At this time we were not ready to make an offer on it and contented ourselves with renting a place close to it that just “happened” to be ready for us.

So many little things aligned for our move in July.  Boxes, Trailers, people to help, Jeremy had already booked that time off way before and just… so many little things kept showing us the way.   I have never felt so at peace about such a huge change in my life.   God kept prompting us forward with little signs and gifts.  We didn’t ask for them, He just is good.

Summer was amazing, the rental was perfect for transition and for summer… it had a covered deck, a huge extra room for my office, and friends within a 2 min. walk. 


Up Next —>  We are living in our “forever home” but not owning it yet. 


The red circle is where we lived for the summer.Image


One response to “All I Want for Christmas is this Land – Pt. 1

  1. Ashley November 28, 2012 at 8:40 pm

    (sigh) I miss it.

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