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Cabin/Aurora Lake

An actual backpacking adventure that was a success.

Lyle, at the resort, had told us about a 6 km hike up to a lake that the locals call Cabin Lake, on the continental divide.

He said we would be able to complete this hike in about 1/2 a day.  We had to park a little further away from the trail head since our little car is so low profile; so it was more like a 6.5 km trail for us.

The sky did look a little iffy but, the forecast had said it would be sunny with clouds and no rain.  Even though, I was thinking to myself, “why the heck are we doing this?”  We donned our now dry backpacking gear and set out for the lake.

The hike was pretty hard, ascending about 600 meters in 6 km; for a couple of overweight and out of shape adults with heavy packs, it was not easy, but it was the kind of challenge that was neither scary or detrimental to our immediate health.

Here’s some shots of our  camp from various vantages around the lake.

We hung our food in a dead tree about 300 meters away from our camp.

Anyway, it was so worth it as Sunday was a perfectly blue sky day.  A helicopter pilot doing tours saw us and landed her chopper to come for a little visit.

We did have one scare though.  I was being “bear”anoid the whole time, of course, and while we were taking a walk around the lake on Sunday, I thought I heard a snort/growl over the ridge behind us.  So while I was straining to hear more, or trees cracking or something large coming through the bush someone set off a bear banger!  It wasn’t us!  So, we’re thinking someone saw what made the noise and was scaring it towards us!  So we started calling out, blowing our whistles (once at a time for “where are you”), and with bear spray and bear bangers in hand we made our way back to our camp site… we heard their responsive whistles being blown… at some points they blew theirs 3 in a row (for “I need help”) !  Jeremy and I, our hearts racing and trying to stay calm and not freak out the kids while remaining alert and calling out and blowing our whistles once at a time to let them know we’re coming.  We finally see them coming out of the woods about 30 meters from our tent, just stretching by the lake and filtering some water, totally relaxed.  Huh?

We finally get over to them and they said,

“Oh, we were just making noise, we saw some bear poop.”

“well you sure scared the poop outta me!”  I said.  “was it fresh?”

“no, seemed to be a few days old,”  they said.

Well, without getting too worked up about it…. 3 whistles means “i need help”  and a bear banger is for if you actually need to scare a bear away, not for “just making noise”.

But look how amazing it was there.


4 responses to “Cabin/Aurora Lake

  1. Louise Holwerda August 3, 2011 at 2:23 am

    I love, LOVE the 7th picture… oh! to be able to just have a little cabin there and hang out for a year or 5!

  2. sara August 5, 2011 at 6:59 pm

    I am moving to wherever you live and going backpacking with you. Looks glorious.

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