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The Turn for the better (non-backpacking portion of our backpacking trip)

Close to the bottom of the road there is a lovely little resort, Nipika, that we thought we’d take a quick peek at while we were driving home.  The temptation was far to great.  We decided to stay there for a couple nights.  We stayed 3 nights.

It’s run by Lyle, his wife and son too… but I mention Lyle because interestingly he was for years the cross country ski coach for the Canadian Olympic team.  He was a wealth of information on the area and had some literature on the trails we might be interested in for another time.  In one of the books, a very experienced couple of guys had written about the trail we had just tried up to Queen Mary Lake Cabin.  They called it a “horrific horse path” and stated that it had “11 dangerous fords”.   And offered an alternative route with no fords and a better footpath.  That would have been useful information to start out with, hey?  Anyway, enough about that already.

Our cabin was great.

The meadows beautiful.

Our time was fun.

We walked to the river.

Our packs lighter, our shoes dry again,  armed with a new plan from Lyle, with his honest and experienced opinion that we would make it, we headed off to our next destination.

Stay tuned for PT 3:  A completed adventure.

2 responses to “The Turn for the better (non-backpacking portion of our backpacking trip)

  1. 8lifegr8 July 27, 2011 at 9:41 pm

    Are those black and pink checkered underwear next to the wood stove? CUTE!! This place was a wonderful find!

  2. Ashley @ Root and Twig July 28, 2011 at 2:05 pm

    Wow! What a place. Just the kind of ‘camping’ I like. I used to be so good at roughing it, but I have to admit I prefer some comforts of home if I’m going to be able to rest and relax.
    So glad you found this place.
    Love the shot of all your clothes drying by the fire. Love it!

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