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“Backpacking” … not so much.

things that went wrong:

Sat. Morn. : let’s go backpacking in Takkakaw falls today (it’s a 5.5 hr drive)

-packed in a hurry

-had to pick up stuff from MEC that we were missing

Sat. Aft. :

-didn’t leave until 2:30pm

Sat. Eve:

-didn’t get there until 8pm

-the area where we were going to camp was closed

-the other area was way too far away for starting hiking at 8pm

-realized we forgot our pots and pans and coffee perc.

Sat. Night :

– our sleeping bags were rated for 5 degrees C but the temp. went down to 1 degree C

– Jeremy’s mat kept deflating

– it rained off and on all night


Things that went right:

-throwing rocks in the river is always right

-it was Beautiful!

-we met Antoine who let us use his pots and pans

-we also met Mel and Andrew who were biking across Canada.  Very fun people.


check your list twice and don’t leave too late.

2 responses to ““Backpacking” … not so much.

  1. RootAndTwig June 27, 2011 at 10:29 pm

    Throwing rocks in the river…always right. So true!

  2. Louise June 27, 2011 at 10:39 pm

    I’ll remember that before we go! Love the green, though!

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