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>FP # 6!


‘The game is afoot!’ by raimyfaere

An homage to my favorite violin playing, pipe smoking, deerstalker cap wearing, magnifying glass wielding, mystery solving genius from Baker Street.

Vintage Sherlock Holmes…


Hollow Book Secret Safe…


Baker Street Sherlock H…


20 recycled pipe shaped…


The Final Adventures of…


Sherlock Holmes Magneti…


Sneezy Sheets, 3 Silk-S…


Vintage 70s Mens Sherlo…


Mens Cufflinks- Copper …


Round Sherlock Holmes T…


The Sign of Four – Sher…




Magnifying Glass Clear …


The Tilted Irene, Mini …


Leaving Tracks Shoe Pri…


Sherlock Holmes Letterp…


Here’s a screen shot.


One response to “>FP # 6!

  1. RootAndTwig September 27, 2010 at 6:05 pm

    >Brilliantly done! What woman isn't secretly in love with Sherlock?

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